The Play Off Final 1994

Burnley's Triumph Against The Odds

The road to Wembley is often paved with dreams, hopes, and moments that will last a lifetime. For Burnley, the Play Off Final in 1994 was one such defining moment that would forever be etched in their illustrious history.

Returning to Wembley after a span of six years, the Clarets had more than just promotion to play for. Their past trips to the iconic stadium had been riddled with disappointments, and their adversaries that day, Stockport County, had often been their Achilles heel. With the weight of history against them, Burnley's task was monumental.

Under the astute guidance of Jimmy Mullen, Burnley had managed to secure a spot in the Play Off Final for the Second Division. Their journey to the finals was nothing short of dramatic. After a stalemate against Plymouth at Turf Moor, they showcased their prowess with a 3-1 victory in the return leg at Home Park. Meanwhile, Stockport County, despite their superior league position, entered the finals with the burden of previous failed attempts weighing heavily on them.

The atmosphere at Wembley that day was electric, albeit with fewer attendees compared to Burnley's 1988 outing. The game began on a sour note for the Clarets as they conceded an early goal. However, football is a game where fortunes can turn in an instant, and Burnley saw their opening when Stockport's frustration manifested in the form of two red cards. Burnley seized their numerical advantage, and with goals from David Eyres and Gary Parkinson, orchestrated a memorable comeback.

Burnley's win was more than just a promotion; it was a redemption of sorts. It was the day they managed to dispel the ghosts of past Wembley heartbreaks and finally overcame their bogey team, Stockport County. The town of Burnley echoed with jubilant celebrations as the Clarets paraded their hard-earned Play Off Trophy on an open-top bus, basking in the adulation of thousands of their devoted fans.

Although their stint in the First Division was fleeting, lasting only a season, the memories of that day at Wembley remain vivid for every Burnley supporter. The joy, the tears, and the sheer ecstasy of that victory - Jimmy Mullen's "Clarets and Blue Army" gave them a moment of unparalleled elation at the very heart of English football.

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