Jerry Dawson

Legendary Goalkeeper

Jerry Dawson's story is one that intertwines with Burnley's footballing history, especially during the years surrounding the First World War. His dedication, commitment, and exemplary skill on the field made him an indomitable presence in Burnley's lineup.

Dawson's dedication to the sport was evident, not just in his club appearances but also in the sacrifices he made. Despite the heartbreaking twist of fate that saw him missing out on the FA Cup Final of 1914 due to injury, his sportsmanship and unwavering support for the team never wavered. The club's gesture to award him a winners' medal, despite not playing in the final, underlines his immense contribution and the high regard in which he was held by both the club and its supporters.

Moreover, the onset of World War I, a period that disrupted the lives of countless individuals, affected Dawson's career trajectory. Despite the upheaval, he continued to play for Burnley during the war years, demonstrating not just his love for the game, but also his loyalty to the club. His exceptional talent was further highlighted when he became an integral part of the Championship-winning side in 1920/21. The feat of keeping a clean sheet throughout the club's 30-game unbeaten streak is a testament to Dawson's prowess as a goalkeeper.

Off the field, Jerry Dawson was a multi-faceted sportsman, representing Burnley Cricket Club, further showcasing his athletic versatility. His contributions extended beyond football, representing the English Football League against their Scottish counterparts and even playing for the English national team at a relatively advanced age.

His lifelong commitment to the sport, the club, and his community paints a picture of a man who was deeply rooted in his origins. Living in Cliviger until his demise, Dawson's story is a testament to the values of dedication, loyalty, and unwavering passion for the sport.

Dawson's story is not just about his incredible achievements as a footballer, but it's also about the man behind the gloves – a man who, despite the challenges and adversities, remained dedicated to his club and community. His legacy at Burnley and in English football is enduring and serves as an inspiration to many.

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