Burnley v Manchester City - Charity Shield 1973

A 1973 Masterclass Against Manchester City

In 1973, a resurgent Burnley Football Club, basking in the afterglow of their Second Division Championship title, faced off against First Division winners Manchester City in the Charity Shield. This annual contest, a traditional curtain-raiser to the English football season, gave the Clarets a chance to showcase their mettle against top-tier competition. And what transpired was a riveting display that further cemented Burnley's place in football lore.


Fresh from their Second Division title, Burnley, under the astute management of Jimmy Adamson, was eager to prove they belonged among the elite. On the other hand, Manchester City, managed by Johnny Hart and Tony Book, had clinched the First Division title the previous season, making them formidable opponents.

The Match:

Held on August 11, 1973, at Maine Road, Manchester City's home ground, this encounter was not just about the silverware but was also an indicator of what the season might hold for both teams.

First Blood - Burnley: Despite playing on away turf, Burnley showcased their newfound confidence early on. Their attacking play was rewarded when they took the lead, setting the tone for a compelling contest.

Manchester City's Response: As expected from champions, Manchester City responded with increased pressure, looking for an equalizer. Their offensive prowess, highlighted the previous season, was on full display, but Burnley's defence, resolute throughout their Second Division campaign, held firm.

Sealing the Deal: Demonstrating both skill and tactical acumen, Burnley managed to further their lead. This two-goal cushion proved crucial and showcased the Clarets' capability against top-flight opposition.

Full-Time: At the final whistle, Burnley emerged victoriously, securing the Charity Shield in a performance that combined grit, determination, and flair.

Significance and Aftermath:

Burnley's triumph over Manchester City was not just a victory in a single match but a statement of intent for the season ahead. It demonstrated that the Clarets were back and ready to compete at the highest level.

The victory was also a testament to Adamson's management style, emphasizing team cohesion, a solid defensive foundation, and quick, purposeful attacking play. For the players, it was an affirmation of their quality, proving they could hold their own against the champions of the First Division.


The 1973 Charity Shield remains a golden chapter in Burnley FC's illustrious history. It was a day when the Clarets, fresh from the Second Division, took on and triumphed over the First Division champions, offering a tantalizing preview of the thrilling encounters that the new season would bring.

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