Anglo-Scottish Cup 1978/79

A Cup Run to Remember

The Anglo-Scottish Cup, a successor to the Texaco Cup, was a competition that saw English and Scottish clubs battling it out for supremacy during the 1970s. Its unique format of pitting teams from both nations against each other gave it a special aura. In the 1978/79 edition of the competition, Burnley FC etched a memorable chapter in their storied history.

The Road to the Final:

1. Group Stages: Burnley, managed by Harry Potts, navigated the group stages with aplomb. They faced off against formidable opponents but showcased a brand of football that combined solidity at the back with flair upfront. Their performances in the group stage set the tone for their subsequent fixtures.

2. Knockout Rounds: Burnley's journey in the knockout rounds was filled with drama and excitement. Facing stiff challenges from teams equally eager to claim the trophy, Burnley consistently rose to the occasion, displaying resilience and tactical prowess. The stand-out game in this period was the double header with Celtic, where Burnley became the first English team to beat Celtic home and away in a season. The game at Turf Moor was badly effected by fan violence.

The Final:

Opposition – Oldham Athletic: A team with a reputation for competitive football, Oldham Athletic presented a considerable challenge. The two-legged final promised to be a nail-biting affair.

1. First Leg at Turf Moor: The Clarets made full use of their home advantage, with the Turf Moor faithful rallying behind their team. Burnley took the lead, providing them with a crucial edge going into the second leg.

2. Second Leg at Boundary Park: The return fixture at Oldham's Boundary Park was a tense affair. With the aggregate score in their favor, Burnley had to put up a defensive masterclass to ward off an aggressive Oldham side. The Clarets showcased grit, determination, and a strong team spirit to ensure their lead remained intact.

Post-Match Celebrations: The final whistle at Boundary Park saw scenes of jubilation as Burnley FC was crowned the champions of the Anglo-Scottish Cup 1978/79. It was a moment of sheer ecstasy for the players, management, and fans alike.

Legacy of the Win:

This triumph in the Anglo-Scottish Cup is fondly remembered by the Burnley faithful. Not only did it provide them with bragging rights over clubs from both England and Scotland, but it also showcased the club's resilience and ability to succeed in cross-border competitions. The players who took part in this campaign etched their names in Burnley's history books, with the victory serving as a testament to the team's capability to rise to the occasion on big stages.


The 1978/79 Anglo-Scottish Cup win remains one of the brightest spots in Burnley FC's rich history. It was a campaign filled with drama, excitement, and, ultimately, glory. The Clarets' journey to the trophy is a tale of determination, skill, and team spirit – attributes that Burnley FC has always held dear.

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