Burnley FC's Resurgence

The Fourth Division Triumph of 1991/92

The 1991/92 season stands as an emblem of hope, determination, and resilience for Burnley FC and its legion of faithful supporters. The Clarets, who once graced the top tier of English football, found themselves in the basement division. However, that season would go down in history as the one where they started their ascent back to prominence.

The Context:

Having been relegated to the Fourth Division for the first time in their history at the end of the 1984/85 season, Burnley spent several years in the lower tier, struggling to find the formula to bounce back. But the 1991/92 campaign was earmarked as the one to change the club's trajectory.

Season Highlights:

Managerial Magic: The appointment of Jimmy Mullen as manager was crucial in setting the tone. His experience, combined with a keen eye for talent, played a pivotal role in the Clarets' successful season.

Formidable at Turf Moor: Just as in previous eras of success, Turf Moor was a key battleground. The home crowd rallied behind the team, turning the stadium into a fortress where few opponents could secure a win.

Emergence of Stars: Players like John Francis and Andy Farrell shone brightly throughout the campaign. Their goals, creativity, and work ethic were fundamental to Burnley's title charge.

The Turning Point: An early season fixture set the tone. After a dominant display and convincing win, the belief started to grow not just in the squad but among the fans that this could be Burnley's year.

Consistency Wins Championships: One of the standout features of Burnley’s campaign was their consistent performances. Even when facing tough away fixtures, the team managed to secure crucial points, which kept them in pole position for much of the season.

The Climactic Finish:

As the season drew to its conclusion, the tension was palpable. Every point was crucial. The Clarets, had dropped points at Carlise when an army of fans had travelled up the M6 to watch them play, with the removal of Aldershot from the league, it was still possible that Burnley could be caught going into the penultimate game at York City, however, as the saying goes, "They came to York in their thousands, and they are going home as champions. 

Celebrations and Beyond:

The streets of Burnley witnessed scenes of unrestrained joy as fans celebrated the end of their Fourth Division ordeal. It wasn't just about the title; it was about pride, history, and the promise of brighter days ahead.


The 1991/92 Fourth Division championship season wasn't just a sporting triumph for Burnley FC. It was a symbol of the club's indomitable spirit. Against the backdrop of past glories, this title win reminded everyone associated with the club of its rich heritage and set the stage for future successes. Burnley was on the rise again, and the football world took notice.

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