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From its modest origins to its distinguished status as a founder member of the Football League, Burnley Football Club has experienced remarkable highs and challenging lows. It has celebrated victories as FA Cup and League Champions and faced grave challenges, such as the daunting prospect of relegation from the Football League in 1987, which could have led to the club's dissolution. Yet, against all odds, Burnley has persevered and once again stands proud in the Premier League.

Burnley isn't just any club. It's an institution, home to some of football's most vibrant and iconic personalities. The club has experienced the euphoria of being at the apex of English and European football, as well as the despair of touching the nadirs of the professional game.

Every Burnley supporter possesses a treasure trove of memories and tales. For some, it might be their first adventure onto the Longside as a young fan, or reliving the incredible achievements of the team during the sixties. This website stands as a tribute to those cherished moments.

Designed for easy navigation, this site organizes the rich history of Burnley Football Club into digestible segments, each focusing on pivotal moments of the club's past. Given the vast and storied history, the website will always be evolving. Countless pieces of memorabilia, tales, and artefacts await their moment in the spotlight, and many of these treasures may be with you, our dear supporters.

I am committed to regularly updating the site, rotating exhibits, and introducing fresh content.

Consider this the digital museum dedicated to Burnley Football Club.

Enjoy exploring and reliving the glorious journey of Burnley Football Club.

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Turf Moor

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Historical Figures and Events

Burnley FC: History of the Town and Club

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